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After dealing with a frustrating move a few years ago, I knew that my upcoming move needed to be managed a little better. Instead of tossing things into boxes and hoping for the best, I took the time to organize my belongings, label packages, and wrap my valuables. I also spent a lot of time planning which objects would go where in the moving truck, which made a big difference on moving day. If you move a lot, you should check out this blog to learn more about how to plan for a move. It might seem like a small adjustment, but taking the time to plan can make your journey a lot easier.


Moving On A Budget: 3 Tips To Save Some Moo-Lah

14 October 2015
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Statistics say that roughly 40 million individuals in the United States move every year. If you're considering a move in the near future, you will likely want to save money whenever and wherever you can. Here are a few tips to make your move a bit more affordable so that you can stay within your budget: 1. Use Your Unneeded Belongings to Fund the Move. Before you pack, you need to determine what you will take with you and what you don't need. Read More …

Tips For Packing Dishware And Electrical Appliances For Self-Storage

13 October 2015
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When packing your belongings for storage, it is essential that you select the packaging materials that will offer sufficient protection against bumps, vibrations or other types of shocks. Simply placing items in packing boxes may not be enough, as you must often consider how to packed items will be cushioned so they withstand being moved by hand or by cart, and handle being stacked in a storage locker without succumbing to damage. Read More …

Avoiding Injuries When It Comes To Your Packing Your Storage Unit

12 October 2015
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If you will be packing your items into storage, the last thing that you want to do is injure yourself during the process. If you are the type that likes to do everything yourself, you might be setting yourself up for injury when it comes to moving and packing. Here are four ways that you can avoid injuries when packing up your storage unit. 1. Don't Make it a One Man Job Read More …

Keeping Your Storage Cabinets Safe In The Workplace

30 September 2015
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When it comes to keeping tools and supplies secure in your place of business, it's likely a number one priority. Because many smaller supplies and items can easily be lost or taken without permission, it's important to keep track of them to reduce your overall loss prevention practices within your company. One way to keep supplies and other items safe and accounted for is to securely store them. Storage cabinets offer one way to keep things safe and easily accessible. Read More …

How To Keep A Storage Locker Clean & Organized

30 September 2015
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Keeping the contents of a storage locker organized and clean can be difficult but here is a simple list of tips to help you. Store Everything In Bins Off The Ground Storing things in boxes on the floor leaves you open to the possibility that if the inside of the unit gets wet it could damage your items. Wet boxes quickly deteriorate and will completely break apart if left to soak in any type of liquid for just a few short hours. Read More …