Keeping Your Storage Cabinets Safe In The Workplace

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Keeping Your Storage Cabinets Safe In The Workplace

30 September 2015
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When it comes to keeping tools and supplies secure in your place of business, it's likely a number one priority. Because many smaller supplies and items can easily be lost or taken without permission, it's important to keep track of them to reduce your overall loss prevention practices within your company. One way to keep supplies and other items safe and accounted for is to securely store them. Storage cabinets offer one way to keep things safe and easily accessible. Here are a few ways to keep the cabinets and their contents secure at all times.

Movable Units

Having commercial storage cabinets that are movable or on wheels makes them easy to move from one warehouse location to the other. While this offers a convenient way to access supplies and tools, it can also put the cabinet at risk for being stolen. Making sure that there is a locking mechanism on the wheels and the handles will help thwart theft and unwanted entry attempts. A tamper-resistant cabinet brings peace of mind and limits who can move and access the unit.

Heavy Duty Models

One way to keep the items in your commercial storage cabinet safe is to purchase a large model with heavy gauge steel reinforcement. This provides a secure storage space that should be able to also hold extremely heavy weight loads and supplies. Make sure that the shelving is also reinforced to hold items so they don't puncture through the cabinets in any way. Industrial-grade metal storage cabinets offer a safe and secure way for you to store items while not in use.

Multiple Locking Mechanisms

When you're storing valuable, expensive tools and parts, it's important to keep them secure. Choose a storage cabinet that also has multiple locking mechanisms. For cabinets with drawers or more divided spaces inside, add additional locks for accessibility. A padlock system, keypad or key entry system are all good options for adding additional layers of protection for your items. An alarm system can also be added. This will alert you when the doors are opened without the proper secure access mode through the locking mechanisms.

Sign-Out Components

Knowing who accesses a secured storage cabinet is important. While you may have a closed-circuit television camera in use to help keep track of who gains access to a specific area of your warehouse, it's still important to take a written or printed note of who's been inside the cabinet. Having a hand printed sign-out sheet or computer program-designed security access system will help you track everything that has been added and removed from the cabinet.

Heavy duty storage cabinets offer a valuable solution for a secure work space. Tracking accessibility is essential for optimal safety of your business property.