The Dos And Don'ts Of A Moving Budget

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The Dos And Don'ts Of A Moving Budget

17 July 2023
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What you should include in a moving budget? Whether this is your first move or you just want to organize the financial part of this process, take a look at what you need to know about paying for movers, buying packing products, and your moving-day budget.

Do Include Mover Services

Even though a DIY move might seem like a cost-saving idea, fees for truck rentals, equipment (such as dollies or moving quilts), and more could get expensive. Add on the money you could lose in wages during the move and your do-it-yourself job could cost more than a professional service.

Not only could a DIY move cost you more than you would expect, but it also leaves you to lift, carry, and transport heavy furniture, boxes, bins, and bags by yourself. This adds a potential injury risk to your move or could leave you overly fatigued, stressed, and with muscle strain. Instead of trying to navigate the process by yourself, contact professional home movers.

The specific amount you budget for this service depends on where you live and the regional economic differences, whether you need local movers or long-distance movers, and how much you need to move. In general, the heavier the to-move load, the more you will pay for this service. If you're not sure what to expect from a mover's estimate, get two to three quotes. This will help you to better understand the average price of a move.

Don't Buy Every Packing Material

Your packing material budget does not need to include roll after roll of bubble wrap or other pricey packing materials. While you shouldn't skimp on home movers' services, you can skip some of the packing prep purchases. Instead of store-bought materials, reuse old linens or towels as cushions for your fragile dishware or pack items in free cardboard boxes that you already have in your home.

Do Declutter Before You Make Your Budget

Most home movers provide estimates based on weight. If you won't bring some items with you, declutter your current home before the movers create a quote. Failure to take this step could result in overcharges.

There are three types of moving estimates: binding, non-binding, and binding-not-to-exceed. A binding estimate guarantees a set price for your move. But if the move-day weight of your haul is less than the estimate, you will still need to pay the higher price. This type of estimate, and the possibility of overpaying for your move, make it important to declutter before the contractor provides a quote. 

Contact a local moving service to learn more.