Avoiding Injuries When It Comes To Your Packing Your Storage Unit

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Avoiding Injuries When It Comes To Your Packing Your Storage Unit

12 October 2015
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If you will be packing your items into storage, the last thing that you want to do is injure yourself during the process. If you are the type that likes to do everything yourself, you might be setting yourself up for injury when it comes to moving and packing. Here are four ways that you can avoid injuries when packing up your storage unit.

1. Don't Make it a One Man Job

If you aren't as young as you once were, you might have pre-existing injuries from work or sports. You shouldn't exacerbate these by trying to pack your storage unit on your own. If you have pre-existing conditions, hire on movers to do the heavy lifting at your home and deliver your items directly to the storage unit. You can be present to help, but don't do it all yourself.

2. Pack up Your Unit Safely

If you just want to get your items stored as quickly as possible, it can be tempting to just stack up your things and shut the door. It is better if you can take some time to make sure that awkward items are secured with rope or are in the back of the unit. You don't want to come back in a few weeks and have your storage items fall on you and cause possible injury.

3. Utilize Ladders and Dollies

Invest in both a step ladder and a dolly to help ease packing and unpacking. Keep a step ladder handy in your storage unit at all times to help with pulling boxes and items from above to give you a better vantage point. Stack boxes on your dolly to save time and to avoid strain your back.

4. Enlist Help to Organize Furnishings

You might be able to get away with schlepping boxes back and forth without injury, but when it comes to heavy or large furnishings, you need to know your limitations. Storage units are best if organized well and strategically packed in. Bring along a friend or hire on a mover for a few hours to assist specifically with furnishings and to help squeeze in large or awkward pieces. Don't drag couches and try to wrench these into storage yourself as you might get pinned or cause yourself injury.

Packing up a storage unit is probably something that you just want to get out of the way, but making sure that you do so without injury is a must. Don't do it all yourself and take the time to pack your unit strategically. If you are in the middle of a move, the last thing you want slowing you down is an injury related to packing up a storage unit, such as those at Access Self Storage.