3 Things You Should Never Put In Long-Term Storage

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3 Things You Should Never Put In Long-Term Storage

5 November 2015
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Many people choose to rent a storage unit to store their belongings. If you were to ask multiple people what they had in their storage unit, their answers may differ greatly since there are so many different things you can store in long-term storage. However, there are some things that you really shouldn't store in a storage unit. Here are some things that you should avoid taking to storage.

1. Guns and Ammo

Many people own guns and ammunition. This is a right that you have as a U.S. citizen, but that doesn't mean that you should store them unsafely. Hopefully if you own weapons you know how to properly care for them and store them. One thing that you shouldn't do is put the guns and ammo in long-term storage, unless they are in some sort of safe. The concern is that with the weather changes the guns and ammo could become unstable. In addition, if the storage unit were to be burglarized, you don't want your guns out in the open.

This is why it is better to keep the weapons on your person, or at the very least in a safe that can only be accessed by you. You should also keep the guns and ammo stored separately and never have a loaded gun stored in a safe, or a storage unit.

2. Hazardous Chemicals

Many people own hazardous chemicals without even realizing it. Perhaps you have paint from a recent home project, crafting materials, car maintenance items, or cleaning supplies in your home. With these chemicals, it is important that they are cared for properly. If there were to be some sort of spill or a leak in your storage unit, you would have no way to detect it immediately and protect others from the dangerous chemicals. This is why you should never put them in a storage unit.

3. Food Storage

Lastly, you shouldn't put your food storage in a long term in storage unit. Even if the food has been properly packaged, you can't ensure that it won't go bad and become toxic. Much like the hazardous materials, it could become a danger to those in the unit and around it. This is why food storage should be kept in your house, or disposed of, before you put your things in a long-term storage unit.

These are just three things that you should never put in a storage unit. If you have any questions or concerns about these things or other items you're planning to put into storage, consider contacting a local self storage facility, such as AAA Flying Trolley Self Storage.