Potential Nightmares When Moving Without A Professional Company's Input?

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Potential Nightmares When Moving Without A Professional Company's Input?

21 October 2015
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Moving is a time consuming, costly, and complicated affair. This is even more so if you are planning on renting a truck and relying on your friends' help to handle the move. If that is your plan, then you should be aware of these three nightmarish possibilities:

Injuries to Your Helpers

What happens when a buddy trips and breaks his or her leg when moving furniture down the stairs? This is possible with inexperienced movers who may not even have the right equipment for the job. A typical household doesn't have hump straps or furniture dollies, so you are likely to improvise; this is where problems begin.

Such an injury can turn into a costly lawsuit you could easily have avoided by hiring professionals. Professional movers have the right tools and experience, which means they aren't likely to get injured. Even if they do, the liability lies with their employer (who usually has insurance), and not you.

Theft or Damage of Your Valuables

If you are managing the move without a professional's input, then you aren't likely to have measures in place to prevent loss or damage of valuables. For example, one of your helpers may help themselves to one of your valuable items, or you may trip and drop your box of fine china while unloading them at the destination.

With a professional moving company, you are likely to have some form of service insurance. Remember to itemize your valuables, and to keep the extremely valuable ones, such as jewelry, with you at all times.

Problems with the Truck

A popular way of reducing moving costs is to hire a truck and handle the move without the involvement of the professionals. This is all good and inexpensive until the truck breaks down. Then you have to contact the company to send a replacement and transfer the items to the new truck when it arrives. All these takes time and money, which you may not have.

Then there is also the issue of who pays for the repairs. This depends on the policies of the company, which you should have read before driving off with its truck. For example, some companies require you to foot the bill if they deem the fault to be yours. Others expect you to pay for the repairs and reimburse you later.

Avoid all these potential problems by letting a moving company handle the whole process. That way even if the truck breaks down, it's up to the company to bring the replacement, transfer the items to the new truck, and pay for the repairs.

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