How To Keep A Storage Locker Clean & Organized

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How To Keep A Storage Locker Clean & Organized

30 September 2015
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Keeping the contents of a storage locker organized and clean can be difficult but here is a simple list of tips to help you.

Store Everything In Bins Off The Ground

Storing things in boxes on the floor leaves you open to the possibility that if the inside of the unit gets wet it could damage your items. Wet boxes quickly deteriorate and will completely break apart if left to soak in any type of liquid for just a few short hours. Place the contents of your storage locker inside plastic bins that are then placed onto wooden skids. The bins will protect the contents from getting wet and be a protective barrier around them from the elements. The wooden skid will keep the items propped up a couple inches off the floor and out of the reach of any water or even snow that might somehow find its way inside the storage unit.

Keep A Broom & Shovel Just Inside The Door

As the seasons change so will the weather outside the unit itself bringing on cold weather and eventually snow. To ensure that the elements don't play havoc with the contents of your locker, keep a broom located right inside the left hand side of the wall, right beside the door. The broom can be used to sweep away dirt and leaves that build up around the door. Beside the broom you should also store a shovel, so that in the event that it snows you can clear the six inches around the door to keep it clear. This will also prevent the snow from melting into the unit when the warm weather comes.

Keep An Itemized List Of Contents

Rather than look through the contents of each and every storage bin when you need to locate something, you should have everything labeled and itemized. Take a sheet of white stickers and black magic marker and assign every bin a number. Once you have the numbers assigned, take a lined sheet of paper and itemize the contents of each numbered bin on a lined sheet of paper that you keep taped to the wall just inside the door of the unit. This will enable you to be able to quickly reference the contents of the list and then locate the bin that it is stored in without having to tear apart every bin inside the entire unit when you need to find something.

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