Learn How To Move Items Out Of Your Marital Home Safely After A Divorce

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Learn How To Move Items Out Of Your Marital Home Safely After A Divorce

2 November 2015
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Divorces can sometimes be messy and lead to hurt feelings that can cause people to act irrationally. If your divorce has finalized and there are items that you need to remove from the home you shared with your ex, you may want to consider hiring a professional moving company to help with the process. The movers will be impartial and only there to do their job, which could help to keep tensions down. The following guide walks you through a few ways to make the move a little easier.  

Explain the Situation to the Moving Company

When you hire the moving company to help you move your belongings, you need to let them know what the situation is. Explain if the divorce was amicable or if there is still some hostility that they may have to see. This will help the company know which movers are the best to send based on who can handle hostile situations the best. Also, you need to let the company know how many items you plan to move so they can bring the right sized truck so they only have to make one trip to minimize the hostility as much as possible.

Inform Your Ex of the Situation

You need to let your ex know what day you plan to move your items and that you will be having a moving company handle the move for you. Explain that you will stay outside the entire time. This is important because your ex may become very agitated if you are going in and out of the home, depending on the circumstances of your divorce.

Provide a List of the Items You Were Awarded

The court will provide you with a printed list of the items that the judge deemed to belong to you. You need to provide the list to the movers with as much description of each item as you can so that they know what items they are supposed to take. If you have pictures of any of the items, you should provide them to the movers, as well.

If you use these tips when you need to get your belongings, it may help to keep your ex from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated on moving day. He or she will know what to expect and know exactly what is being removed from the home. By you not going in the home, it may minimize any hostile feelings they have. If tempers flare or the situation escalates and becomes potentially dangerous, contact the police before anything bad happens. The police will stay at the residence until the movers finish their jobs so that no one is hurt during the move.